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"Capilla del Sol" is a vocal-instrumental ensemble specialized in pre classical styles, performed with original instruments and techniques, focused in Spanish and Latinamerican repertoir Our web site: www.capilladelsol.com were you can find some complete concerts (live broadcast from Kennedy Center and Smithsonian) search in “galeria”

Since its creation in 2004 it has offered many performances both in our country and abroad, performing in renowned festivals, and institutions: Festival Misiones de Chiquitos, (Bolivia, 2004, 2006 and 2008), Música Clásica por los Caminos del Vino (Mendoza, Argentina), Tropical Baroque Festival (USA, 2006,2010) Camino de las Estancias Jesuíticas (Córdoba, Argentina, 2006), Semanas Musicales de Frutillar (Chile, 2007), Festival Internacional de Ushuaia (Argentina 2007),Festival de Música Barroca Iberoamericana de Buenos Aires (2007/09/11), International Sacred Music Festival, Quito (Ecuador, 2008), Smithsonian Institute,American Indian Museum, Washington (USA2010), MIllenium Stage Kennedy Center Washington (USA2010),Festival Internacional Cervantino (Mexico 2010), Festival de Música Antigua y Barroca Peñiscola, (Spain 2011) St Ignatius Church, Prague(,Czech Republic 2011), Brezice Baroque Festival (Slovenia 2011) Among other performances in Argentina, the ensemble gave concerts for the Mozarteum .


The conquest and colonization of America entailed mixture, unity, discord, oppressors and oppressed. Such was the American social scenario in colonial times. Race diversity was one of the many characteristics of the period. Even though at first glance, Spaniards and American natives were the racial majorities, the ways of being Spanish were diverse and so were the indigenous cultures.

With the Spanish advance, new cities sprang up in the land and old ones were rebuilt, and all of them were filled with music. The European culture prevailed over the local ways, though everybody knew that this was only half true, and that in reality, underneath the official culture there was another, perhaps more real, but unacknowledged. And both coexisted, in perfect and orderly syncretism.

Musical activity was, almost always, led by the "capillas musicales" (musical chapels), which pertained to the Catholic liturgy. Nevertheless, a good portion of the minds of the performers were probably still considering the sun and mother earth their divine entities.

Capilla del Sol was created in 2004, under the artistic coordination of Jorge Cometti and Leila Makarius, and the musical direction of Ramiro Albino: We summoned a group of singers and instrumentalists specialized in pre-classic styles and interested in rebuilding the vast musical patrimony of the Spanish-American Baroque, based on solid musicological knowledge that explains and contextualizes the social and musical reality of the this period. The organization and composition of the group is variable, depending on the program and according to the requirements of each repertoire. All the musicians actively participate as members, soloists or directors of important national and foreign ensembles.


…This time they offered a fascinating programme of “chiquitos” music an area of bolivian east, where several jesuitic missions thrived in the XVII century and early XVIII, until the Jesuits were forcibly driven out in1767, surely one of the most appalling decisions ever by the King of Spain. The fathers, mostly of Swiss and German origin, managed to teach the natives European baroque music and eventually they, and their chargees, produced beautiful works of unique quality, rediscovered in recent years through the effort of musicologists. Albino conceived the concert as two continuous parts, alternating anonymous pieces with two excellent composers whose music was found in the Moxos and Chiquitos archives, in Bolivia. Domenico Zipoli and Tomás de Torrejón y Velasco The admirable Missa de octavo tono or Pariache, devotional chants, litanies, Stabat Mater and some beautiful dances made up a programme of aesthetic quality often moving and always beautiful, astonishing if you think of the isolated condition of these missions, the artists, three singers and six players,were fully up to the requirements. I would single out Silvina Sadoly , who owns one of the most beautiful voices for this repertoire.

  Capilla del Sol

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